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About us

Oxford defines “remedy” as “a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.” At Massage Remedy, we provide a professional experience in a sanitary setting to assist you in attaining relief from discomfort in your body without the use of medication.

Our therapists have studied the body extensively and are knowledgeable about the origins of pain and imbalance and how they impede your movement and mood.
They are precise with discovering trails of inflammation and tightness and then working to unravel muscles and tendons restoring them to their natural (and more comfortable!) state of relaxation.
They are adept at breaking down scar tissue to restore blood flow and prevent further inflammation at surgical sites and injuries.

And they are a sanctuary for you to let go of the highly personal stress endured simply by being alive. Entrust yourself to the remedies of massage which were performed by doctors in China, India, and Egypt in the early 2700 B.C. years and have been broadened and practiced since. We hope you join us soon to shed your pain and stress while gaining a rejuvenated body and outlook. We are here for YOU!

Non-Invasive Relief

You Owe Yourself This Moment